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What to Do If You Find Bees in Your Home

Bees are great! They propagate crops, are valuable pollinators, and make honey. But, great as they are, they’re not the best house-guests. So what do you do if you find a hive of bees in your home or on your property?

Here’s exactly what do:

First, don’t panic

You’re not in danger! Honey bees aren’t aggressive by nature. Unless you’re smashing into their home, they’re more concerned with gathering pollen and nectar, taking care of baby bees, and tending to their queen than they are with pestering you.

The exception, of course, is people who are allergic to bees. If that’s the case, skip directly to calling a professional!

Whatever you do, don’t spray them

Roaches are one thing, but spraying pesticides on bee hives is a bad idea for a whole lot of reasons. The biggest reason right now is that you’re not a professional. Taking a can of Raid to a beehive isn’t going to result in anything but a bunch of angry bees. So, whatever you do, avoid the temptation to go ham with a bunch of bug killer.

Clear the area

Remember, bees won’t be aggressive unless they’re actively being bothered. If you’ve already riled up the bees by accidentally cutting into their hive, get out of the area!

After you’ve put some distance between you and the hive, make sure to secure the area. Keeping kids and pets out of the area will keep them safe and will give the disturbed bees time to settle down.

Call a bee removal expert

Many people’s first reaction to finding bees in their home is to call an exterminator. Don’t!

Exterminators will flood the area with pesticides, and those are harmful to bees, to you, to your family, and to the environment. Instead, call a bee removal specialist. When you call a bee removal specialist, they’ll:

  • Remove the bees safely without using harmful chemicals

  • Remove any comb, baby bees, and other materials that can attract pests

  • Take steps to prevent the bees’ return

Want to know the best part? Calling a bee removal specialist is usually cheaper than paying an exterminator. It’s better for you and the environment than spraying is, and it usually costs less!


If you find bees in your home, don’t panic! Clear the area, avoid the temptation to spray, and call a bee removal specialist to remove them safely from your home.

If you’re in central Florida and need to have bees removed, I can help! Contact me here for more information.

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