6-Frame Top Bar Honeybee Nucs


5-Frame Deep and Medium Langstroth Nucs


We have bees for sale!


They are 6-bar top bar or 5-frame Langstroth deep/medium nucs with comb, nectar/honey, pollen, queen and workers.  Each nuc is a small working colony that's ready to be installed into a larger top bar hive or Langstroth hive.


Buying a nuc is much more efficient than buying a package-of-bees where they have to start from scratch with no comb or food stores.


These colonies are treatment-free, and they've never been fed sugar-water or high-fructose corn syrup.  Langstroth nucs are foundationless, meaning they have no plastic foundation or wax foundation. They build their own natural comb.

Bees are $150, and bars or frames included. There is a $50 deposit for the hive body/roof in addition to the cost of the bees. Depending on your location, I may charge a delivery fee if I come to your location to install them.