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Bee Removal Services: Types & Pricing

Removing bees in a way that keeps you, your family, and the bees safe is a big job! While there is a cost associated with bee removals, you’ll usually pay less than you would if you called an exterminator.


No two removals are alike! I’ll work with you to evaluate your situation and give you a quote.

Simple Swarm Removal

$0 to $30

Do you see bees in a great big clump somewhere out in the open? This is where you’ll start.



$150 to $350

Did you find an established hive in a water meter or in your walls? This may be an option for you.

Trap-Out Removal

$250 to $350

If bees are in an area we can’t get to, I’ll use a trap-out. It's slower, but it’s safer for you and the bees.

Ready to Remove Your Bees?

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