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"I love the hives... It was so wonderful finding you because I was able to customize to what I wanted and you were smart enough to talk me out of the wrong ideas. They exceeded my expectations."

Marilyn, custom hive owner

Cedar Langstroth hive with custom roof - $500.00

Cypress Top Bar Hive with Viewing Window - $500

Cedar Hive With Viewing Window - $600.00

The Deluxe Model

Do you want something totally unique? We can do that!


This hive was custom-built for a beekeeper in St. Petersburg, FL. It has a viewing window (with cover), landing board, fancy roof, two coats of latex outdoor paint, and stainless steel hardware. If you want a totally custom hive, contact me with your ideas and specifications for a quote!

Painted Hive with Viewing Window - $600

This is a top bar hive that is typically made of pine. It comes with a viewing window and is meticulously painted with weather-resistant paint that holds up even in Florida's unpredictable weather! This hive can be painted other colors, but white is usually preferred.

The Stripped-Down Model - $400


This hive is a very basic top bar model with a pitched plywood roof, un-painted hive body, and no viewing window. 

The corner-molding used on the top bars will encourage straight comb building by the bees. These hives come with two follower-boards which can create three different chambers in the hive which allows the user to raise nucs or do splits if desired. The roof may be covered with a plastic banner material on request. 

Small Hives - $250-$350

These hives are smaller and easier to move than other models, and they're just the right size to maintain a fairly sizable colony. A basic hive is $250, and a model with a viewing window is $350.

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