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Patrick the Honeybee Rescuer Saves Hospital Colony

I had the opportunity to work with the folks over at the Winter haven Women's Hospital! A bee hive had been slowly developing on the Hospital's property, and they called me to come take it down. And it's a good thing they did! Having a bee hive in close proximity to a hospital entrance can be tricky. Check out these updates on how I removed the colony and what I did with the bees.

See a video on ABC Action News

The Ledger put together a great photo gallery of the removal

Check out the write-up over at the News Chief

Removing this bee hive was a great option for the hospital, but it was also great for the bees! This hive was missing its queen, and I was able to merge it with another hive with an active queen. Just another example of how removing bees can help save this important species!

Photo credit: Pierre Ducharme for The Ledger

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