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5 Great Resources for Beginner Beekeepers

Want to learn more about beekeeping? That's great! Beekeeping is a fantastic, rewarding hobby that's fun for us and great for the environment. But many beginner beekeepers are intimidated by the sheer amount of information that's out there about how to keep bees, keep them healthy, and have fun doing it.

We hope this small collection of links will be a great resource for anyone who's thinking about getting involved in beekeeping.

We're passionate about natural beekeeping, and Michael Bush is one of the most widely-respected natural beekeepers out there. His site is full of great information, including recommendations for equipment, beekeeping basics, and tips for observing hives. He also provides lots of in-depth information for more advanced beekeepers. If you're interested in beekeeping, keep this site bookmarked! It will be a valuable source of knowledge for each stage of your beekeeping adventure.

Hilary Kearney is a beekeeper in San Diego, California, who spends a lot of time teaching people about how and why to keep bees. Her blog is full of valuable, practical information (like how to protect beehives from ants and how to teach kids about bees) and practical equipment recommendations for people who are interested in keeping bees. Her social media channels are just as engaging, and she often includes "queen-spotting" challenges and beekeeping advice on her various profiles.

If you're a reddit user (or even if you're not), this forum is a great place to go for information and advice about beekeeping. Users share beekeeping articles, pictures of their hives, answers to questions, and more. There's new material almost every day, so keep an eye on it!

This site has one of the largest collections of beekeeping articles, scientific studies, news and current events, and other resources we've found! Whether you're looking for information about hive inspections to information about how to keep your hives strong and healthy, you can probably find what you need on this site. They've even got a store that's full of books on nearly every beekeeping topic — they've even got a beekeeper's coloring book!

Looking for equipment? We're huge fans of Kelley Beekeeping. This is a great site for the gadget enthusiast (honestly, they have every tool you could possibly want), and they're a valuable resource for natural beekeepers. We love using foundationless frames in our hives, and Kelley Beekeeping is one of the only sites that offer them!

What's YOUR favorite online resource?

These are just 5 of the beekeeping sites we recommend for beginner beekeepers. Where do you like to go for beekeeping information? Where would you send a "new-bee" beekeeper?

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