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Do you have bees in your home?
Call the experts!

Patrick: 904-424-6662

Finding bees in your home, business, or yard is an unpleasant surprise.

Don't panic!


We're bee removal experts who are passionate about helping people in your situation. Our affordable bee removal services are safe for you and your family, good for the environment, and are usually less costly than calling an exterminator.



"Thanks so much for coming. Your professionalism in the job and knowledge of your craft made this afternoon memorable and enjoyable for my family. I'll have a great 'what I did this summer' story for the first day of school, too! Hopefully I can send some more happy hives your way. I'll spread the word. Take care and keep us posted."

Jill, bee removal service customer

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We Offer More than Bee Removal!

Learn more about beekeeping on our blog, buy bees, or check out our custom hives. We may specialize in removing bees, but we love all things beekeeping!

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