Bee Removal Services

I'll work with you to evaluate your needs and choose the best bee removal option for your situation.

Check here for pricing!

Custom Bee Hives

All my hives are hand-made and can be customized! Choose one of the hive styles below or contact me to discuss a custom design to suit your beekeeping style and preferences.

Nucleus Colonies

Buying nucleus colonies is much more efficient than buying a "package" of bees. Unlike packaged bees, nucleus colonies include workers, a queen, pollen, nectar, and honey. These colonies are all treatment free, have never been fed sugar water or high-fructose corn syrup, and are on foundationless frames.

Nucleus colonies include bars or frames. There is a $50 deposit for the hive body/ roof.

Depending on your location, I may charge a delivery fee if I come to your location to install them. Contact me for more details.

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